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Munhakdongne Publishing Group offers 400 new titles every year, in general literature, art, business, science, humanities, self-help, parenting, comics, and children’s books.

Established in 1993, Munhakdongne started with publishing literature books by young and innovative writers. As we grew fast in the last 15 years, expanding the publishing areas, subsidiary companies and imprints were incorporated in the group, Munhakdongne Publishing Group now consists of 15 brands. (Number of employees: 120 as of October 2008.)

In belief of cultural diversity and creativity as common human legacy, Munhak dongne Publishing Group has focused on expanding Korean readers’ taste and published various foreign fictions and non-fictions by prominent authors from all over the world.

Munhakdongne Publishing Group is devoted to fostering and promoting new ideas. Along with publishing renowned authors’ popular works, Munhakdongne greatly invests in talented young writers. “Munhakdongne New Writer Award” has discovered and supported innovative young authors since 1997.

Munhakdongne Publishing Group’s marketing is proactive: aggressive, strategic, and most importantly, successful. We have set a new record in book marketing in Korea.