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Munhakdongne presents every year,
· Munhakdongne Writer Award, Korea's most prestigious literary award for writers;
· Munhakdongne Novel Award, designed to encourage creative novel-writing;
· Munhakdongne New Writer Award, given to the best new innovative writers and critics discovered by Munhakdongne;
· Munhakdongne Children’s Books Award, for both established writers and young writers, to garner original works that inspire dreams and wisdoms to children;
· Munhakdongne Children’s Nonfiction Award, given to the works that provides education quintessential to the growth of young readers;
· Munhakdongne Young Writers Award, designed to encourage writing of the youth and develop their interests in literature; and
· Munhakdongne Young Novel Award, given to the new writers under 18-year-old, to foster their creative writing potentials.