HIMENO Kaoruko

Secret Shopping: Cosmetic Surgery Guide
PIE Hyun-Jung, 2008
Health, Beauty

In this book, the producer of Secret Shopping File (Dong-a TV) tips how to find the right cosmetic surgery for ‘me.’ She advocates ‘happy plastic surgery’ that the patient understand what is best for her, why she needs it, and which surgeon serves her needs the best. The book provides systematically arranged information on the principles and directions in choosing the right type of plastic surgery for each individual, after-surgery tips, and possible side-effects.

About the Author
PIE Hyun-jung: previous editor-in-chief of the magazine Avenual, producer of Get it Beauty at Olive TV, Secret Shopping File of PIE Hyun-jung at Dong-a TV. She actively appears on various media as a prominent style & beauty experts. She also runs her own company Brian Pie, a consulting & contents company.

Four Weeks Revolutionary Workout for Women
HAN Dong-Gil, 2008
Health, fitness

In this book, the famous exercise therapist classifies women’s bodies types into six types and tailors the best fitness and workout programs for each type. The programs are to burn fat and grow muscles and flexibility in 4 weeks. The author also wrote Four Weeks Revolutionary Workout for Men, the bestselling workout book in Korea.

About the Author
An exercise therapy professional, whose expertise are in ‘tailored exercise for each individual.’ HAN also directs many Korean celebrities, and his method of exercise result in the maximum effect within a short period of time. He is also a researcher at Human Ergonomics Medicine Center, Medical School, the Catholic University of Korea, the chief exercise therapist at Marriot Hotel JW fitness club, and the CEO of the Wellness Company, which provides tailored exercise consulting services to individuals.