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Dinero Goes to Econopia
Dinero Project Team, 2007
children, economics

“An interesting and thrilling adventure in Econopia”

Using the format of fairytale, the readers of this book can learn about the concept of money and finance from everyday life as well as about how to spend money wisely.
The book is made up of three parts. In the first part, Dinero Goes to Econopia, twelve years old boy named Duri, who likes to play games, meets an old man and follows him to a strange place called Econopia. There he assumes a new name, Dinero and participates in a contest, Grand Biltron which chooses the richest person in Econopia. In part two and three, he learns about the concept of money as he tries to make money on his own as a part of the contest and becomes the winner.

This book helps its readers to realize that money teaches people to become responsible for themselves, and the truly richest person is not someone who has a lot of money but someone who can share what he has with others. Also, money is needed not for one’s happiness only but for the happiness of others, and the book also imparts the important lesson about the meaning of labor, and right way of spending money and making investment. While reading about Dinero’s adventure in the book, the readers will learn about the right way of earning and spending money.

“This book succeeds in informing difficult financial concepts to children in a story that they can enjoy.” (Munhwa Daily)

“There are economical concepts, cultural understanding, wisdom for everyday life.” (The Hankyoreh Newspaper)

About the Author
The writers were made of children’s book writers, financial experts and Seoul National University graduates who worked together for a year to write a story from which children can enjoy reading and learn the right idea of money and finance at the same time.

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