The Ultimate Travel Dictionary: A Map to the 77 Hearts of the World
The production team of KBS A Walk Around the World
Travel, photographed

Places you must see before you die! 77 sights that will make your heart skip a beat. The most inspirational travel destinations carefully chosen by KBS A Walk Around the World. Intoxicating journeys, striking people, inviting scenery.

There is a wide, wide world out there with so much to see. However, it is impossible for one person to tread every corner of this world, the production team of A Walk Around the World traveled the world  nd chose 77 must-see locations for curiouswanderers. The cities captured by the video cameras of A Walk Around the World all had irresistible charm in common. Of the places whose history, culture, and life were brought to the screen, 77 were chosen for the book as the beating hearts of our planet, where man and environment have created a harmony over the years. The greatest merit of this book is its beautiful weaving of people and places. Whereas the TV episodes focus on one city at a time, this book highlights one spot in each city to encapsulate a sixty-minute episode into a few pages. Following the latest travel trends, each chapter turns the spotlight on local life and culture rather than monuments and antiquities. Each chapter looks at a market, a festival, or an intangible, traditional aspect of culture that will capture the interest of those hoping for a more intimate look at the locals, their culture and lifestyle. As informative as a world geography textbook yet as entertaining as a travelogue, The Ultimate Travel Dictionary provides readers the added fun of comparing history, culture, values, local color and identity among the destinations. The next step in the evolution of travel guides, The Ultimate Travel Dictionary takes readers on a sentimental journey around the world without their ever having to get off the couch. Just reading the book makes the reader want to pack up and leave in search of the 77 beating hearts of this planet. A great book for those planning a trip, those who need the extra nudge to buy those tickets, or those who see no point in traveling.
Warning: this book consumes its reader with wanderlust.

Pieces of You
Tablo, 2008
Short stories
250,000 copies sold

Tablo’s short stories weave together the secrets and anxieties of youth, whispering words of solace to a lost generation. These ten pieces written in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago and other places from 1998 to 2001 were collected for this book. They are the tales of a city that are reflected through conversations between characters. They are basically all fictions with some of the facts in a wide range of time setting.

In “Andante”(the title piece), a Julliard piano student undergoes hard times when his idolized father who once was an internationally well-claimed pianist got the  Alzheimer’s disease and can play the piano no longer. He can’t bear that all of his family break down because of his disease. Losing the aim of the life as a pianist, he decides to quit music and go back to his native country, Japan.

“The ending of this is pitch perfect. I love the father being stuck, like a broken record, not hearing. The author also has managed to straighten at the time confusions throughout the story. I like that he finally tells us about his problem. I don´t think he could make this story much better - - -at least I´m not sure how I can help make it much better.” on “Andante,” Jason Brown (Professor, Stanford University’s Creative Writing and Literature Programs)

"Slices of time, silent and gentle. Yet, an intense emotional storm brews within. Concisely written, but written with deep warmth. Breathtakingly painful in its beauty. Tablo is an admirable writer." Lee Jeok (Musician, Author of The Fingerprint Hunter)

"Tablo is a survivor. I could imagine the young man in his early twenties, in a vacuum of confusion and loneliness, struggling to grasp the ungraspable. (...) His stories offer a warm hand to the shoulders of anyone who is lost, anyone who is struggling to discover the subversive concept of ´self.´ The cracks and crevices between his sentences and words hold an intensity that landslides the heart." Lee Byung-ryul (Poet, Author of Attraction)

About the Author
Born in 1980, Tablo(Daniel A. Lee) was raised in Korea, Indonesia, Switzerland, and Hong Kong. As a teenager, he revived the once extinct school literary magazine Kaleidoscope, serving as its editor-in-chief.
He studied in Stanford University´s creative writing and literature programs, receiving a Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees with top honors and a literary award for short fiction. During his “crazy years” in America, he once set up residence in East Harlem, working as an assistant director of documentary films in New York. Tablo is now the front-man for Epik High, the premier hip-hop group in Korea. He also hosted a radio show “Dream Radio with Tablo”, MBC.


Happy Feast
Written GONG Sun-ok, 2008 Photo by LEE Young-Gyun
Food Essay

A book full of fresh mountain breeze and scent of wild flowers in a field. Gong Sun-ok writes stories about the origins of food. She had a lot to say to the people only look for tasty and healthy food. So she talks about the food in her childhood, the nature that the food came from (day and night, wind, air, sunshine), and the peoples reactions and emotions towards such topics. This book is a memoir of ‘poor but rich feast’ at the time of hunger, when meals were greatly appreciated and shared.


Life Recitation
Compiled by KBS On Occasion of Recitation Production, 2008
A total of 61 artists and celebrities cited excerpts, poems, or short stories that were meaningful and touching to them. Their own experiences and feeling added, the recitations are tributes to their families and friends, but the stories also resonate to anyone in the same path of life. The ordinary but splendid stories heal the scars in our hearts and give us hopes and smiles.

Perhaps Fruit Candy
LEE Geun-Mee, 2008

Allure of Kenya
Written by LEE Seung-Hwi, 2008 Photo LEE Byung-Ryul
Essay, travel, human

Endless Crave for Knowledge
JEONG Je-Seung and JEON Hee-Ju, 2008
Science Essay
This book is compilation of the topics and stories once broadcasted by “Jeong Je-Seung’s Endless Crave for Knowledge, the first scientific radio program in Korea. Doctor Jeong Je-Seung talks about the topics in arts, literature, and life and add a pinch of science into them.
Each topic is introduced in 2 pages of the book, followed by Dr. Jeong’s rich interpretation, is easy to fun. However, this book covers more various subject and issues than any other science books.

Pain Pain Pain, Paris
Written by YANG Jin-Sook, 2007 Photo by LEE Byung-Ryul
Travel essay, food
Paris, the city where love seem to be waiting for you in every corner of the streets, where you feel as if you can find your old lover once again. Why is the city so romantic? To the author YANG Jin-Sook’s eyes (or to her nose), that’s because Paris is full of bread-baking smell. Lovers walking down the narrows alleys, freshly baked bread smell floating. In this book are short episodes of love and bread, the true stories the author heard from the people she met at the cafes in Paris. Over 200 photographs taken by the poet LEE Byung-Ryul add to the book more romantic flavors, enriching the color and the scent of Paris.

Go on a Journey, Get to Know Me: A Diary of 230 Days in America
KIM Dong-Young, 2007
Travel essay

“You don’t need to come to work.” One day the author heard from the radio station he worked for. He turned this dreadful news into an opportunity, sold everything he owned, bought a flight ticket to the USA, then bought a used car upon landing. This trip was the gift for himself on his 30th birthday. He took off, here and there in America for 230 days. This book is his journal during the trip, contemplating his own desires towards the things he cannot have and cannot reach. Brilliant thoughts on one’s own life and dreams at 30-year-old.

About the Author
KIM Dong-Young worked as a manager of several musicians (Deli-Spice, LEE Han-Chul, My Aunt Mary, Sweet Pea, Jeju Boy). He is also a lyrics-writer and wrote Retro Romance, In Star Lights, Red Future, Buenos Aires. He is currently at MBC FM4U and writes radio scripts.