Life is a Journey: Lee-tzsche in Berlin
LEE-tzsche, 2008
Travel Essay

One of best singer-songwriters of our time, a true bohemian -- Lee-tzsche´s travel essay on Berlin. Underneath Lee-tzsche´s heartful words and photos lie curious charms of Berlin and what she calls "art virus." The book comes with an audio CD (five songs selected by the author). Good to listen while traveling, this CD and the book together make the most special gift for the fans of Lee-tzsche and for those who admire the artistic spirit of Berlin.

Kiyoung, What Made You Go to Santiago?
PARK Kiyoung, 2008
Travel Essay
One of the best singer-songwriters in Korea, PARK went on a pilgrim journey to Santiago. She walked days and nights for 33 days, the pilgrim taught her the art of slow living and how to give herself time to spare. Through this fascinating pilgrim journey, we can meet the hidden characters of Kiyoung and make a joyful encounter with one´s soul deepened by traveling.

Walking in New York
LEE Chaeyoung, 2007
Travel Essay
Essay by an art curator living in New York. This book leads the readers to seven best places in New York, unveiling the author´s everyday experiences and interesting discoveries as a "lazy walker." This book also make a useful guide book for art galleries and theaters that are often missed, the places where provide you with unique experiences that cannot be found in well known tourist spots.

Vietnamese Painting Journey
CHOI Soojin, 2008
Travel, arts essay
Artist CHOI Soojin´s travel essay on Vietnam. She made two journeys to Vietnam. After the first one, she suffered from nostalgia, so she packed her bag again and left for a beautiful mountainous district in Vietnam, Sa Pa, not being able to put our of her mind the eye-catching landscapes and the Vietnamese people. These two journeys deserve a bigger name than just "traveling." This heart-warming book with interesting episodes and beautiful drawings will give you the whole different insight into Vietnam.

A Bohemians San Francisco
Eric Maisel

A Bohemians Paris
Eric Maisel