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Peter H. Reynolds

Peter H. Reynolds

Peter H. Reynolds & Alison McGhee

Mong-i the Sleepyhead
Written and Illustrated by YUN Ji-hui, 2004
Picture Book Age 3+
Rights sold: French
Mong-i loves to sleep. When she learns that she can sleep as much as she wants in Sleepy Land, she puts on her sheep hat and follows her teddy to Sleepy Land. There, she sleeps to her heart´s content, and wakes up. But she is downhearted to see there is no one to play with or cook her dinner, because everyone else is sleeping. She doesn´t like Sleepy Land anymore. What´s worse, she realizes that she is turning into a sheep. Shocked, she looks for a way home, but gets lost and finally falls asleep tired. This time she wakes up to her mom´s voice. It is a classic tale of a sleepyhead turning into a cow, adapted for today´s children with colorful dreamlike pictures, but its wisdom remains unchanged.

Written by AHN Do-hyeon, Illustrated by HAN Byung-ho, 2007
Picture Book Age 8+
Rights sold: French
Silver Salmon wonders at the fact that salmons go back home despite countless obstacles only to lay eggs, and questions how laying eggs can be the only purpose of a salmon’s life. When he hears a story from Green River about his father, however, he comes to ponder on the meaning of what his father said, that there’s a path salmons must take. Finally, Silver Salmon arrives at the upper part of the river by leaping over the waterfall, instead of taking the convenient, manmade waterway. There, Silver Salmon lays eggs, together with Clear-Eyed Salmon, and
dies. With time, winter comes around, and little baby salmons are growing, waiting for spring to come, underneath the thick slab of ice.

My Happy Family
Written and Illustrated by HAN Sung-ok, 2006
Picture Book Age 5+

This picture book depicts in ironic ways disturbing scenes of a happy family´s outing. On a beautiful spring day, So-yeon´s family goes out to visit an art gallery. At home, they seem one happy normal family. But once outside, they are selfish, rude, and only caring about their family members. At the art gallery, they are loud and pushy. On the road, they break many traffic laws including illegal U-turns and illegal parking in a reserved space for the disabled. They even encourage overspeed! Now a question arises from readers, Do they deserve to be called a happy family? But, wait, who can criticize them without a pang of guilty feelings? Isn´t every family like them in one way or another? It is a picture book that drops a bomb of conscience on the thick-skinned society.

Action 1 2 3
Illustrated by JUN Kum-ha, 2008
Picture Book Age 3+
Make numbers with your body. Learning cannot be more fun! Embossed Braille for each number will embrace more children for fun learning.

Action A B C
Illustrated by JUN Kum-ha, 2008
Picture Book Age 3+
Make alphabets with your body. Learning cannot be more fun! Embossed Braille for each alphabet will embrace more children for fun learning.

Lizard in a Well
Written and Illustrated by KIM Seon-sook, 2005
Picture Book Age 3+
Rights Sold: Japanese
Kok-ji is thirsty. She goes to the well to get some water, but the bucket is missing. Thirsty and frustrated, Kok-ji stomps her feet, and it brings a lizard from the deep wood. The lizard goes down into the well for Kok-ji to get water but it doesn´t come out. Worried, Kok-ji pulls the cord that was attached to the tail of the lizard, but, to her surprise, at the other end of the cord are hanging all kinds of animals but the lizard. Kok-ji has really given up on getting water by now, but the lizard finally jumps out of the well with water for Kok-ji. It is a picture book with beautiful colors and bold expressions.

Daddy Is Coming Home with Ice Cream
Written and Illustrated by KO Woo-ri, 2006
Picture Book Age 3+
A little girl is waiting for her daddy who promised to bring home ice cream. Growing impatient she keeps asking her mom, "Is Dad here yet?" By the time her daddy arrives with long waited ice cream, she has fallen asleep and dreams about eating ice cream. It is a delightful picture book that depicts the happy moments in daily scenes and captures the mind of children.
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