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Hearts Ease: Healing through Art
LEE Joo-Eun, 2008
Essay and Art

Place Your Inexpressible Mind in Paintings

The writer says you can express your mind in paintings in a way that can never be specifically expressed even with thousands of words. If you are having a difficulties in love, she suggests that you confide your worries to paintings that convey exactly how you feel. Just as a diary helps you speak your mind through writing, you can look into your inner self through images. Moreover, a paintings that reflects your mind becomes “a stranger who shares the same experience with me,” yielding a bond of deep sympathy.
Collecting all the worried feelings and other emotions that need to be let go of, the author places them back into paintings of “healing” for “the acknowledgement.” Now you pass through the paintings of confession and reach paintings of healing―but she does not assert that this is the only answer, just like every other answer in the world. The way of healing through paintings can be interpreted in many different ways. In paintings, the violence secretly hidden in languages no longer exists.
Here lies the reason she comes up with “paintings” as a way of healing yourself. The world of images opens infinitely wider than that of languages. This book invites you to the world of images where you can freely express your feelings and be fully healed.

about the author:
After graduating with a degree in Linguistics from Seoul National University, Lee Joo-Eun led a largely trouble-free working life in a large company for three years. Realizing that the years had passed in a flash, she started agonizing over what she could really immerse herself in and came to choose art history following her attraction to the history of image and its way of communication. Afterwards, she went over to the United States and received a B.A. in Western Art History with a thesis titled, The Cultural Traits of Modern England Represented in Victorian Figure Images, and returned to Korea to do her doctoral studies at Ewha Womans University where she received her M.A. in Modern Art History with her thesis, Dante Gabriel Rossettis Images of Jane Morris.
She translated Modern European Art and co-translated Art Since 1960 into Korean and, in the hopes of communicating with more readers, published Secrets of Victorian Paintings, delivering the secret stories hidden behind beautiful Victorian paintings.
For Lee, who looks calmly at paintings and seeks for ways to heal herself when she feels lost in her life, works of art are not only subjects to work on but also a window through which she can observe life. Now she lectures on art history at universities and works as a curator for Ewha Womans University Museum.