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Established in 1993, Munhakdongne has grown fast and large in the last 15 years. We started with publishing literature books, and now have four imprints and five subsidiary publishers.

Munhakdongne Publishing Group's arc covers a wide variety of publishing sectors, including liberal arts, science, education, economics, business, fine arts, children's books, and comics.

The driving force of our continuing growth is an open mind and an aptitude for new ways to see.

We primarily discover and promote young talented writers, explore new trends, and adopt new interpretations of traditions, in order to pursue deeper and more meaningful values. The contemporary culture of every region of the world, is constantly exchanging influences and learning from each other. By improving our understanding of different cultures, we also improve our understanding of ourselves. Munhakdongne has always made a vast effort to introduce diverse cultures from all over the world and their literature to our Korean readers. As a result, Munhakdonge's translated foreign novels are trusted and acclaimed for their quality and scope.

We will continue to make such an effort by creating more opportunities for our readers to meet
with diverse cultures through good books.
January 2008
CEO of Munhakdongne Publishing Corp.
Kang, Byoungsun
About the CEO
· A poet, debuted in 1982 winning Seoul Daily Literary Award
· Received the Publisher of the Year Award, 2005 & 2007
· Chairman, Educational Publishing Committee of the National Literature Writers' Association
· Director of Overseas Cooperation Committee, Korean Publishers' Society
· President of Asia Culture Network